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Who Can Play Biblical Trek Board Game?

Everyone can play this biblical board game!

Biblical knowledge is not required; neither is a deep knowledge of law.  Of course knowledge of both provides an advantage.  But in playing the game, you’ll learn about incidents that are described in the bible and you’ll learn about how the law is applied in many different circumstances.  This game is sure to provoke a lot of discussion.

If you’ve ever played Clue or Monopoly, Biblical Trek is the game for you!


Biblical trek is suitable for ages 12 and up. For family fun nights Biblical Trek is great fun for a broad range of ages.  Biblical Trek will create a high level of engagement and debate, fostering logic and verbal skills in all who participate in playing the game.  In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you discover a family member who has a bright future as a legal eagle.


For adult gatherings, Biblical Trek is a great game for groups of adults that that are already friends, and the game can be a great  ice breaker for adult gathering where participants are just getting to know each other.  Debate and controversy are great conversation starters, and the resulting laughter just may cause your neighbors to ask you to quiet down.


For organizations, whether faith-based or not, Biblical Trek will create engagement and discussion. You can use Biblical Trek as an ice-breaker,  conversation starter, or team building tool.  For larger groups, consider breaking into teams to compete against each other and see who wins.

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About the Biblical Trek Board Game

Biblical Trek Board Game can be played by as few as 2 participants and as many as 6. Each game comes with:

A colorful game board, playing cards, dice and player markers.  The game is easy to transport and can readily be transported to another home or take on vacation to the beach

We know that many people are spending time in the “virtual world,”  focused on social media and engaged in online games.  We see young people texting each other while standing right next to each other.  We believe Biblical Trek can be just as engaging as any video game.  It can help young people to develop more social skills than virtual gaming. Playing games together as a family helps strengthen relationships within the family and helps children work on self-control and patience.

Playing board games is a great stress reliever for all people.   Leave the troubles of the workday behind while you lose yourself in Biblical Trek.  Put down the phone, push away from the computer and engage person to person for a break from all of the technology.

Sample questions and answers 

  1. In what book of the bible can you find a written notice of divorce?
    (A)  Luke, (B) Matthew (C) Mark, (D) John
    Answer: B
  2. In what book of the bible were animals given loving consideration?
    (A)  Revelation, (B) Luke, (C) Deuteronomy
    Answer: C
  3. What book of the bible has a building safety code?
    (A)  Genesis, (B) Leviticus, (C) Deuteronomy
    Answer: C

No special knowledge is required to play Biblical Trek,  but playing it will either test your knowledge or teach you things about the Bible and criminal law that you never knew before.  Put on your thinking cap because logic will be a wonderful tool for you to use to figure out the answers to the questions.

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